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Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Legislative Updates

Capitol Pic of the Day

August was a quiet month since there were no interim committee meetings held. We kicked off our re-election campaign and it has been great to go door-to-door and visit with constituents. When I ran for office, I ran with the commitment of supporting policies that advance our state in the areas of education, economic development, quality growth and good governance. 

In my first term, I'm proud to say that I've delivered on my commitment and have advanced six pieces of legislation that move the needle in these four areas. Here is a summary of other deliverables in less than two years of work:

25 speaking engagements
16 town hall meetings
37 blog updates
15 school visits

Business Champion Award: Business Coalition
Business Champion Award: Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (2 years in a row)
Friend of the Taxpayer: 100% score
Legislator of the Year: Women's Republican Club of Salt Lake City
Fewest Votes Missed - 2015

I look forward to earning your support to continue my work on Utah's Capitol Hill.