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Monday, January 30, 2017

January CapHaps Update

Capitol Pic of the Day

With technology facilitating the unprecedented access to live events and information, it has become easier to follow activities occurring in our government, at all levels. Here are some tips on following along:

1. Get a list of all your elected officials, at www.vote.utah.gov and enter your address.

2. Follow the Facebook pages of your elected officials. If they are engaged with their constituents, they will post updates to keep you informed.

3. For a daily briefing of politics in the news, subscribe to the Salt Lake Tribune's Political Cornflakes updates, or the Utah Policy newsletter.

4. Find an interest group, an association, or an organization you are passionate about and get engaged.

5. Watch live hearings through the web: Utah State Legislature | U.S. House of Representatives | U.S. Senate | C-SPAN

There are many ways to participate in shaping our future. The first step is to get informed.