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Saturday, November 12, 2016

November Legislative Updates

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Click here to view the November issue of Fiscal Highlights. This month, issues including B&C roads funding, debt affordability and internal service funds are addressed. 

Government Operations Interim Committee - The committee evaluated a number of draft bills that will be first in queue for the upcoming general session. Click here to see the agenda. A robust discussion ensued regarding the elimination of political party requirements for the make-up of certain boards and commissions. Click here for the list of impacted boards and commissions. If you have concerns about eliminating this requirement for any of the boards or commissions on the list, reach out to the sponsor with your thoughts. 

Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee - The committee meeting was mostly made up of upcoming legislation that will become committee bills. Additionally, the Legislative Fiscal Analyst’s office debuted a new tool, Utah Tax Exceptions and Inducements, to evaluate various incentive programs, including tax credits and tax deductions. This will be a great tool for everyone going forward as our tax revenue and associated limitations morph over time.  

Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee - The committee had a brief agenda in November. In addition to hearing an update of postretirement and reemployment after 60 days, as well as a presentation from PEHP, the committee heard a presentation related to employee compensation and outlined the various ways compensation is addressed.


In the November special session, we addressed two bills. One was HB 4002, Class B and Class C Road Fund Amendments, which fixed a formula error that was erroneously enacted in the Transportation Funding bill that was passed in the 2015 General Session.

The other one was HB 4001, Solid Waste Amendments, which clarifies the definition of solid waste so that certain recycling activities aren’t treated as hazardous waste by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. 


West Valley City lost a young police officer, Cody Brotherson. The community came together and hosted a wonderful ceremony in celebration of his life and love of the city where he grew up. He followed his dreams of becoming a police officer for West Valley City and we are saddened for this heart breaking loss. We are grateful for his service and send our thoughts and prayers to his family.

 Utah Foundation hosted a panel that talked in depth about air quality and shared data related to public input and a subsequent report that was released to highlight the issue. It was well attended by legislators and stakeholders who care deeply about this issue. Click here for the report.