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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Honoring Speaker Becky Lockhart

Current and former speakers honor Speaker Lockhart
Today was a beautiful day. The State of Utah honored Speaker Becky Lockhart today with a memorial at the Capitol that paid tribute to her service and leadership for women and the State. It was a privilege to join her family and so many of our great leaders of this state to honor her in such a special and beautiful way.

I was especially touched by the remarks of her daughter who spoke so eloquently about her mother. She gave the entire audience strength to withhold emotion. I was impressed with her poise and solidity as she shared her memories of growing up at the Capitol. It was clear to me that the Speaker's most meaningful contributions to this planet are her children. I'm certain that concern for their future provided her direction and perseverance to lead her through so many difficult decisions.

Colleagues who worked with her in the House of Representatives respected her and loved her dearly. That was certainly demonstrated very clearly today. She will leave a lasting impact and legacy for so many who will not have the opportunity to meet her. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to her family, especially Stan, for supporting her through her legislative service so that she could be that example and leader that we as a State needed for our daughters.

Thank you Speaker Lockhart, for your leadership and committed service to this great State.